Graduation Requirements

Alger Diploma

  • Alger Independence High School was founded in 1981 to provide students with a creative alternative to traditional schools. Alger is accredited by NALSAS (National Association for the legal Support of Alternative Schools) and officially approved by the state of Washington. It is located in Sedro-Wooley, Washington, U.S.


    Twenty credits are required to graduate from Inter and receive an Alger’s Diploma (one credit equals 150 hours of learning experience).

    Washington State Requirements for a High School Diploma (The Following Requirements have been adopted to fit Tokyo Inter-High School):

    Subject & Credits

    Four (4) English Credits

    Three (3) Math Credits

    One (1) Science Credits

    Two (2) Lab Science Credits

    A Half (½) Social Studies Electives Credit

    A Half (½) CWP Credit

    One (1) United State History Credit

    A Half (½) State History Credit

    One and a half (1½) Fitness Credit

    A Half (½) Health Credit

    A Half (½) Civics Credit

    Two (2) Fine Arts Credit

    One (1) CTE Credit

    Two (2) Foreign Language

    Four (4) Elective Credits

    A Total of Twenty-four (24) Credits

    ■Study Records and Final Achievements

    Students need to submit all their work (e.g., term and research papers, certifications, test scores, artwork, designs, etc.) to their private learning coach. A student’s work is then evaluated and graded by his/her learning coach and the principal. The results are then submitted to Alger independence High School for final approval and achievements are awarded.

    ■Students who have studied at another high school,either in Japan or a foreign country, and have sufficient transferable credits may be able to graduate within six months. Students transferring from other high schools should contact Tokyo Inter-High School Admission Office to have their transcripts evaluated and to receive an estimate on the remaining time and credits needed for graduation.

Keystone Diploma

  • Keystone High School, founded in 1974, is accredited by the NAC (Northwest Accreditation Commission) and officially approved by the state of Pennsylvania. It is located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.


    In accordance with Pennsylvania State Requirements, Keystone National High School requires twenty-one (21) credits for graduation.

    The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania also stipulates the distribution of these credits as follows:

    Four (4) English credits

    Four (4) Social Studies credits

    Three (3) Math credits (must include at least one credit of Algebra I or higher)

    Three (3) Science credits

    One (1) Health credit

    One (1) Fine Arts (Humanities) credit

    Five (5) Elective credits

    ■Graduation Policies

    Students must earn at least 5 full-credits from Keystone in order to receive a Keystone National High School Diploma.

    Students must complete one course in each of the major subject (core) areas regardless of the number of transfer credits in that area.

    o English

    o Math

    o Science

    o Social Studies

    o One credit in a subject of choice (elective)

    Any course/credit taken above our required number credits will count as an elective.

    Student must be actively enrolled in The Keystone School at the time of high school completion in order to earn a Keystone diploma. A final diploma and official transcript will be issued once students have met the requirements set out in all KNHS policies. Keystone reserves the right to review, rescind, and/or hold a KNHS diploma when it is determined necessary to preserve the academic integrity of The Keystone School.