• Q: What is Tokyo Inter-High School?

    Tokyo Inter-High School is an international online high school, established in 2001 in Tokyo, Japan. Students can study subjects of their choosing in either Japanese or English. Moreover, they can enroll and graduate from anywhere in the world at any time of the year. Upon the completion of the required credit hours, students will receive an official high school diploma from the Alger Learning Center & Independence High School, a Washington State (USA) Board of Education Approved high school.
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  • Q: How do you evaluate students?

    The school evaluates academic performance and awards credits based in part on the extent to which students have achieved their personal learning goals. Students are also evaluated on the quality of their daily study records, exams, essays, and other assignments.
    Throughout this evaluation process, the school also uses the ‘PLAN, DO, and SEE’ method to measure the students♠ability to plan and complete assignments and achieve their ultimate goals.

  • Q: I live abroad; can I enroll?

    YES. Students can enroll and begin studying from anywhere in the world. In fact, students sometime enroll in the “College Entrance Course” while still living in a foreign country in order to prepare them for college entrance examinations in Japan. Since the school uses an e-learning platform via the Internet, students do not have to return to Japan to prepare for college entrance examinations or anything else.

  • Q:How long will it take me to graduate?

    To graduate from high school, the Washington State Board of Education requires that students complete at least 20 credits (i.e., a minimum of 3,000 study hours) in grades 9-12, with specific requirements for the distribution of those credits among high school courses in English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Fine Art, PE & Health, Occupational Education, and Electives. If a student is enrolled through our Keystone program, they must complete at least 21 credits in grades 9-12, as required by the Pennsylvania State Requirements. Specifics can be found if you click here.
    If a student has sufficient transferable credits earned at previous schools, they may be able to graduate in a period of less than six months. Depending on the number of credits previously earned, students may need one, two, or three or more years of self-paced study to graduate.

  • Q:Can I transfer my credits from previous schools?

    YES. All credits the student earned in previous Japanese or overseas high schools, including those in Asia, South America, the Middle East, Europe, the USA, and others, will be transferred. Also, our school accepts third year credits from Japanese middle schools (9th Grade) to count towards high school graduation.

  • Q: How does your support system work?

    Students are assigned a personal learning coach to be his or her private teacher and academic adviser. The learning coach does not âœteach❠the subjects under study, such as math, science, English, etc., but instead guides each student through their entire learning experience and we be there for them every step of the way. The learning coach will help each student choose and create his or her own learning subjects, and assist them in the process of learning, and achieving their own specific goals. The âœlearning coach❠concept is based around a unique system described in âœLearning Success – Discover Your Child’s Learning Style,” and was developed in the U.S. In the “College Entrance Course” two more teaching specialists, an English teacher and a college entry counselor from the TOFL Institute will work alongside the personal learning coach. TOFL’s English teacher will give instruction for English, and college counselor will assist students with their overall college entry strategy, such as the selection of the most appropriate college(s), and the preparation of applications.

  • Q: Do I have to participate in school events?

    NO. The school enthusiastically encourages students to participate in school events and activities, but these activities are not mandatory. The school holds a variety of events throughout the year such as when professionals are invited as guest lecturers for open classes. The school also schedules events such as conferences, seminars, excursions, and parties.

  • Q: How do I meet others and socialize?

    Besides organized school events and optional classes on campus, students often meet up at their own hobby clubs, culture schools, athletic clubs, and other organized activities. Students can also interact and communicate with those who have similar interests and goals anytime on the Internet by e-mail, chat rooms, Instant Messenger programs, and our school site.

  • Q: Can you tell me more about the two schools in the USA that you are affiliated with?

    Alger Learning Center & Independence High School is a famous online private high school located in the state of Washington and approved by the states Board of Education. It has been around for over 30 years. The school is also accredited by the National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools (NALSAS) and a member of the National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools, an accrediting agency. After students submit their work and evaluations to Inter-High School, the final grades are determined, and reviewed for approval by Alger Independence High School. When all the graduation requirements have been completed Alger’s issues their official high school diploma to the recipient.
    Keystone High School is an online high school known for sending its graduates to a variety of prestigious schools, such as Dartmouth, Yale, Stanford, West Point, Duke, and Notre Dame. Since 1984 over 200,000 students have graduated from over 84 different countries. It is accredited and approved by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools: Commission on Secondary Schools, Northwest Accreditation Commission, State Board of Private Licensed Schools, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Homeschool.com Seal of Approval, and the Better Business Bureau.

  • Q: Can I go to a Japanese university?

    YES. The school offers a “College Entrance Course” designed specifically for students who wish to enter Japanese universities. In this program, classes offered by the TOFL Institute, a highly respected English preparatory school for SAT, TOEFL, TOEIC, and essays, are part of the accredited study subjects for Inter-High School students. In addition to the school’s private learning coach there will be an English teacher and a college entrance counselor available anytime to guide the students through any difficulties they have.

  • Q: Can I prepare to study abroad as well?

    The school also offers a “Study Abroad Course”, a program for students who wish to pursue higher education at universities overseas. Inter High and the TOFL Institute jointly support students by helping them select the universities that are the best fit for their situation and help them prepare all of the documents necessary for apply to those schools. In addition to the school’s private learning coach, an English teacher and a study abroad adviser is their to guide the students through any difficulties they have.

  • Q: How do students do after graduation?

    Since Inter opened in 2001, many graduates from Tokyo Inter-High School have successfully entered and completed universities, colleges, and vocational schools all around the world.

  • Q: Do I have to take an entrance examination?

    No.The school will review the student’s application and hold interviews, in the course of the Admission Office’s Examination Process.