Courses (Alger)


These courses are designed for students who wish to study entirely in Japanese or who wish to strengthen either their English or Japanese skills. Classes are extremely flexible and built entirely around a students personal goals.

Basic Course

Each student has a private learning coach who assists student to select study subjects, study methods, and student’s academic and personal goals. The learning coach advises and works closely with each student, and respect student’s specific learning and study style, throughout the course. Student receives the Washington State approved high school diploma upon the completion of all requirements.

Special Courses

These courses are designed for students who wish to continue their education after graduating, either in Japan or abroad. We work hand in hand with Japan’s best English preparatory and test school, The TOEFL Institute in Japan, to insure that our students have all the tools necessary to pass all examinations required for entry into their desired college. any test special courses are designed to fit their specific needs:

Continuing Higher Education in Japan

This course is specifically designed for students who wish to enter private universities in Japan such as Sophia University, Waseda University, ICU, and APU. We pay special attention to insure students can pass the AO examinations. AO examinations, or Admission Office Entrance Examination and Self Recommendation Entrance Examination, were first started nearly 15 years ago by Keio University, and nearly every private university has adopted it as their method of choice for selecting new applicants. Most colleges accept TOEFL, TOEIC, and SAT scores above a certain level for the AO examination, and instructors from the TOEFL Institute work closely with our students to insure high scores on these entry tests. In addition, a college placement adviser works closely with Inter-High School’s mentor and the TOEFL instructors to help a student choose the correct college for their goals, insure all forms and requirements are met, and to keep up to date with the latest information regarding changes in admissions.

Continuing Higher Education Abroad

This course is specifically designed for students who wish to enter a university abroad. Special care is taken to ensure students have mastered English enough to study at a foreign institution through the combined assistance of their TOEFL instructor, personal Inter-High mentor, and college guidance counselor. TOEFL, TOEIC SAT, and ACT courses are prepared for a student based on the requirements necessary for them to enter the college of their choice. For student’s in need, a special intensive English course is also offered through the TOEFL Institute for an extra fee. Please contact us directly for more details.