Our Mission


We value education, creativity, and flexibility.  Our mission is to build students who have their own dreams and the flexibility to adapt to any situation.  To build people who value independence and freedom of choice. People who can relate to others on a global scale. People who have a strong character and self worth. People who can adapt to a rapidly changing world. Inter-High School is not just a school, it’s a community, and our students are first and foremost.

We exist for our students and stay connected with them no matter where they are.

Tokyo Inter-High School Promises to:

  1. Support a student’s independence and self-determination.
  2. Respect diversity. A student’s values and virtues are always considered.
  3. Satisfy a student’s hunger for learning and growing curiosity.
  4. Encourage creativity,  self expression, and individual thought.
  5. Attend to the unique needs of our students on an individual basis.