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Create your own schedule; Follow your own dreams.
Take Classes Online or in-Person
Optional in-class instruction is available on campus year round.
It's Your Education
Study whenever you want, wherever you want. Graduate from anywhere in the world.
A great value for any family - with proven results.
Mentors Who Care
Stay connected with your personal coach. They are always there for you.
A Certified American Education
Study in English, Japanese, or both. Earn a degree you can be proud of whether abroad or in Japan.

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     Tokyo Inter-High School

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Tokyo Inter-High School offers a unique, flexible learning experience that caters to our student’s personal goals and diverse lifestyles. We offer an accredited American education in both Japanese and English. Take your classes online or in the classroom; an on campus location in Shibuya Tokyo can accommodate those close to home yearning for a more traditional experience.

At Inter-High, our students have the freedom to study when they want, where they want, anywhere in the world. It’s perfect for aspiring athletes and musicians, those who wish to pursue an affordable bilingual education, or those who want the freedom of choice.

We guarantee an unforgettable experience and an amazing foundation for success.

Go anywhere! See anything! Be anyone!