Meet Our Students

  • Some people are born to follow their dreams. Take Torihara for example. He lived and breathed soccer ever since he could remember. By middle school he was a top player in his district of Chiba and moved to Australia to continue playing in High School. But his progress didn't stop there and soon he was offered a scholarship to play in Madrid, Spain. Through Inter he was able to continue his studies in both Japanese and English on his own time. Science credits were received through practical Nutrition Science classes for athletes and his time on the soccer field was met with credits, as well. With a diploma in hand he moved on to a career as a professional sports athlete.

  • Yuki dreamed of dance ever since she began studying classic ballet when she was only 8 years old. After middle school she was able to take a step closer to her dreams. She transferred to a private high school in New York so she could study ballet there and progressed to a semi pro level dedicating over 6 hours a day to her craft. But it soon became clear that a traditional education and ballet were impossible to do simultaneously. That's when she found Inter. At Inter ballet became her education. She was able to fulfill her graduation requirements through ballet related courses and being able to study at her own pace. Through this she found the time and drive to win the Youth American Grand Prix, graduate, and move on to a stunning career in the Munich Ballet Company in Germany.

  • Arioka was a student who couldn't quite find his bearings in the traditional Japanese school system, discontent with its rigid structure and insistence on conformity. His father, a high school teacher in the same system noticed his sons frustration and found an alternative: inter high. Arioka transferred over in his second year of middle school. Through Inter Arioki found freedom. He constructed a curriculum around his passion of philosophy and religion, even taking Greek math for his math requirements. His part time job became part of his studies too, earning general credits relating to the experience he gained on the field.Taking his last year at an affiliated school, he was able to graduate and continue his education in Kyoto’s esteemed Doshisha College.

  • C.K. was 14 when she moved from America to Japan. Fluent in both languages she attended a private Japanese school until her 11th grade year. Upon hearing that her dream was to attend college back in America, her teacher recommended Inter. At inter she was able to continue her studies in English for an affordable price. Her credit requirements were fulfilled through SAT prep. With access to TOEFL's certified instructors and her mentors careful guidance, she was able to continue practicing hip hop dance, pass the necessary exams and applications with flying colors, and go to college in America.

  • Iida had never been content with his experience in the Japanese school system. Ever since he was young he spent time snowboarding with his brother, at first as an escape from the frustration of school, but eventually he became more and more passionate about it as a sport. He transferred to Inter-High School in order to leave to Canada to train as a snowboard instructor. Taking advantage of the flexibility Inter offered he took in classes at his own pace and was able to gain national certification while still a student. Not content just stopping there, he graduated from Inter with both American and Japanese degrees, gained international certification, and with that the ability to teach anyone anywhere in the world.

  • Seo was in love with music ever since he could remember. He began playing the guitar in middle school and yearned to study abroad at Berklee's Music School, a very prestigious American university, but he found it increasingly difficult to cultivate his musical ability with the increasing pressure and stringency he encountered in Japanese high school. His father, a university professor suggested Seo enroll in Inter-High School. At Inter he was able to combine his passion for music and study; therefore spending more time improving his musical ability. After graduating from Inter, he successfully entered Berklee's School of Music.

  • Miss Nan, was born and raised in Tianjin, China. When she came to Japan with her Japanese father and Chinese mother, she enrolled in a Japanese language school to improve her Japanese. Since she plans to enroll in a university in the US, she decided to enroll in Inter-highschool's "Special Course for Overseas Universities" and improve her TOEFL test score. Also, her Japanese language school hours were used as her elective course credits and counted towards graduation. She transferred the credits that she earned at her high school in China and thus needed 9 more credits to graduate from Inter-highschool. In the "Special Course for Overseas Universities," Inter-highschool's personal learning coach worked with two other specialists, i.e., a TOFL's English teacher and a college entry counselor, to help Miss Nan to graduate and enroll in a university.

  • Miss Erika lived in Japan with her American father and Japanese mother until she was 6 years old. She then moved to the US and lived in Los Angeles until her sophomore year in high school. Since she was a child, she has been modeling both in the US and Japan. Her family permanently moved back to Japan when she was sixteen years old. She transferred from a high school in LA to Inter-highschool in Tokyo so that she could concentrate on her modeling career. Also, she needed to refresh her Japanese language skills at Inter-highschool. Although she had no problems with conversational Japanese, she needed to study reading and writing at an elementary school level. With Inter-highschool's private learning coach supports , she improved her reading and writing skills enough to pursue a professional career in Japan.